Aaron Hernandez’s Sex Life Probed as Murder Motive, Police Source Claims

Aaron Hernandez’s Sex Life Probed as Murder Motive, Police Source Claims

Aaron Hernandez on test in Fall River, Massachusetts, in March 2015. Dominick Reuter/Reuters

On April 19, sometime before 3 a.m., Aaron Hernandez, the previous celebrity brand new England Patriots tight end, scrawled three notes—one to their fiancee, the caretaker of his young girl, someone to that child and a 3rd to their close jail friend—and put them close to a Bible in the solitary jail cellular into the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Massachusetts.

The Bible ended up being exposed to a portion of this new Testament, John 3:16, “For Jesus therefore enjoyed the planet in him will never perish but have eternal life. He gave their one and only son, that whosoever believes” He had scrawled that verse on red ink to his forehead, and in addition made markings on his fingers and legs with this red pen, as if mimicking the stigmata linked to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Then your 27-year-old previous NFL celebrity serving a life sentence with no risk of parole for murder, jammed the tabs on their cellular home with cardboard to avoid guards from to arrive, slicked a floor with fluid soap and shampoo (which detectives think he did to really make it harder he lost his nerve), wrapped his bed sheet around his neck multiple times and then tied one end of it to a bar on the window of his cell for him to back out in case.

A correction officer saw their limp human anatomy through the cellular home at 3:03 a.m., and attempted to resuscitate him. Hernandez ended up being then hurried to UMass Leominster medical center, where he had been pronounced dead at 4:07 a.m.

It absolutely was an unsightly end towards the previous NFL celebrity’s frequently unsightly life

Plus it arrived in the exact same day players on their former group traveled to the White home to commemorate the latest England Patriot’s Super Bowl winnings. Issues straight away started to swirl about why Hernandez, who was simply acquitted five days previous in connection with a different murder that is double stemming from a drive-by shooting in 2012, picked this time around to die.

Aaron Hernandez listens during their test as protection attorney Charles Rankin, kept, appears on while a picture of Odin Lloyd is exhibited on a monitor in Fall River, Massachusetts, 29, 2015 january. Reuters

Which is one of numerous secrets Hernandez, understood for never ever losing the gang connections he made growing up, left out. He had been convicted in 2015 for shooting and killing his friend, Odin Lloyd, seemingly without motive april. But interviews with numerous police officials straight mixed up in full instance say Lloyd—a semipro football player who was simply dating Hernandez’s fiance’s sibling at the time—had information the football star would not wish down: which he had been bisexual.

Motivation to Murder?

Among the records kept by Hernandez would be to their jail boyfriend, that is now on 24/7 committing committing suicide view, numerous police force sources confirm. Hernandez’s sex would, needless to say, never be appropriate salvage for the reality that a romantic relationship he presumably had with a male former senior high school classmate is at the center of the research into Lloyd’s murder.

Ernest Wallace, a co-defendant into the Lloyd murder situation, told detectives the victim had called Hernandez a “schmoocher, ” that has been taken by Hernandez along with his companions as a slur that is gay. Wallace has also been recorded saying within a jailhouse check out with Tanya Singleton, Hernandez’s relative, which he wouldn’t normally have assisted Hernandez eradicate the murder weapon—a crime which is why he could be now serving a 4?-to-7 12 months phrase on accessory to murder charges—if he’d understood Hernandez had been a “limp wrist, ” multiple sources state. Singleton ended up being accused of assisting Wallace discard of Lloyd’s murder gun and ended up being later on sentenced to couple of years probation with 12 months under household confinement after pleading responsible to unlawful contempt for refusing to cooperate with detectives in Boston investigating the dual murder. Prosecutors in both Bristol and Suffolk counties stated Hernandez had guaranteed to create a trust fund up for Singleton’s kiddies on her behalf silence but never ever did.

Hernandez’s so-called longtime male lover, the senior school buddy, ended up being interviewed extensively by authorities after Lloyd’s murder, and ended up being forced to testify right in front of the grand jury. Police force officials also state Hernandez relocated a wide range of cash|amount that is large of into three records fleetingly before their arrest when it comes to Lloyd killing: one account had been for their fiancee; a second had been for their daughter;, where in actuality the many cash had been relocated, had been for that buddy.

Hernandez’s secrets went well beyond their sex life, in accordance with court testimony and authorities records. Their brushes using the legislation for extreme functions of physical violence started as he ended up being playing soccer hop over to here in the University of Florida. In 2007, Hernandez, then 17, had been defined as an individual in a dual shooting.

The words “blood” and “sweat” have emerged tattooed in the fingers of previous NFL New England Patriots end that is tight Hernandez, as he seems in court for the movement hearing in Attleborough, Massachusetts, August 30, 2013. Reuters

Then arrived a shooting in 2012, when a Boston man spilled a drink on Hernandez but didn’t apologize july. Prosecutors stated that whenever A hernandez that is enraged saw exact same men later on that night in a BMW, he leaned across, Alexander Bradley, who was simply driving a Toyota SUV, through the passenger chair, and yelled towards the occupants, “What’s up now, n****s? ” Hernandez squeezed off five shots in to the automobile, relating to Bradley. Two guys passed away, a 3rd ended up being wounded. Hernandez ended up being acquitted if that’s the case the other day after six times of deliberation. Jurors declined to discuss their verdict, but appropriate analysts speculate that the prosecution’s situation ended up being weakened because of the undeniable fact that its primary witness, Bradley, is criminal that has testified he wanted to harm Hernandez.

Seven months following the Boston murder that is double after per night at a Florida strip club in February 2012

Bradley claims Hernandez shot him when you look at the relative mind, pressed him out of a vehicle and remaining him for dead. Bradley declined to cooperate with police but marked Hernandez for revenge. He testified in the stand in March 2017, “we don’t like to cooperate with authorities. I needed Mr. Hernandez’s life. “

That danger evidently prompted Hernandez to surround himself with difficult males from their gang past, males like Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz, whom became Hernandez’s co-defendants following the murder of Lloyd in 2013 june. Both guys told detectives that Hernandez had been the gunman for the reason that killing. However it ended up being one other information that Wallace offered in regards to the motive that never made headlines, the fact Lloyd knew Hernandez had a sex that is complicated and may pass that information to their gf, the sibling associated with the Patriot’s player’s fiancee.

It had been additionally well known that Hernandez ended up being on top of hydroponic marijuana the Lloyd was shot and killed, and prosecutors said a joint with his DNA was found near Lloyd’s body night. Bradley told the court that Hernandez had been a daily cannabis smoker and stated he knew that because the NFL player’s dealer. Detectives are now actually looking at claims by inmates in the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center that Hernandez had been smoking K2, artificial marijuana, the evening of their committing suicide.

A fight that is brief Hernandez’s mind ended Thursday whenever Worcester County District Attorney stated their family members’ desires could be met along with his mind will be examined by the vaunted CTE Center at Boston University, where researchers are researching the results of concussions regarding the minds of athletes. Initially, their state medical examiner stated that its pathologists desired to learn Hernandez’s brain, leading his lawyer, Jose Baez, to claim this week that the ME was “illegally” holding on the previous NFL celebrity’s mind, from the family members’ desires. After Baez’s press meeting, held outside of the ME’s office, Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early released.