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In parts 1 and 2 of our wedding celebration set, we established show business for Persian wedding celebrations, and discussed the aghd, the service portion of the wedding celebration. In this tail end of the series, our team’ ll examine the last part of a Persian wedding ceremony- the mehmoonee, or celebration.

The Event

Weddings in Iranian society are actually incredibly important and also luxurious celebrations. In general, families save up for years for this event and also no costs are spared given that it is actually believed that the wedding ceremony establishes a model for both’ s lifestyle together. It is actually desired that the couple receive a bountiful as well as liberal beginning to their wedlock. Traditionally, the bridegroom’ s family would pay all the wedding celebration costs after the sri lankan brides family members had supplied a dowry. The bride-to-be’ s family members will additionally be responsible for offering all the household goods the groom and bride would certainly need to have to start their lifestyles together. Modern opportunities have actually gotten rid of these practices nevertheless, and also muchmore western side styles of paying for the wedding celebration costs are actually utilized.

Another Persian tradition whichhas actually ended up being pretty dated in present day culture is actually that of a mehriyé. In typical opportunities, when a married couple gotten married to, they would certainly work out a mehriyé, an amount of funds or even goods to be paid out to the bride-to-be in the event of a divorce as a form of monetary protection. Having said that, in modern-day opportunities women see this as a somewhat anti-feminist practice, as it indicates that there is a price to a female. Some pairs still specify an emblematic mehriyé like a single floral, or they simply put an end to the tradition altogether.

Wedding Visitors

Persian wedding celebrations give a reason to compile every person you know to an event- coming from friends and family to mere colleagues. Given that family is a big aspect of Iranian lifestyle, member of the family, bothclose and also far-off, comprise a large section of the wedding event guests. Nonetheless, due to the fact that wedding ceremonies are actually well advertised occasions, it is looked at rude, for example, certainly not to invite neighbors who may listen to the news. Generally, the a lot more the merrier.

The purpose of welcoming so many visitors to the wedding is actually not only to spread pleasure as well as contentment, but likewise to seek the love as well as assistance of a lot of folks. Iranian culture is extremely neighborhood oriented. It is actually extremely usual for youngsters to live within a number of blocks of their parents throughout their lives and also to have close dead heats even withprolonged loved ones. In modern-day culture, this is not always feasible (and even preferable in many cases). Nonetheless, the wedding celebration is a great excuse to come back to this idea of community assistance. The affection and also support acquired from eachof these wedding event guests may be used to feed the relationship and preserve bothin the years ahead.

The Banquet

Traditionally, Persian weddings wear’ t have actually settled dinners. Previously the meals was actually provided in a small plate appetiser kind of technique. Right now, again blending along withwestern side heritages, meals is normally served cafeteria design. Usual meals given in a Persian wedding are actually a variety of shishkebabs, a staple for Persian food, agitations like ghorme sabzi, smoked fish, as well as various kinds of rice. A meal that has to be actually delivered at every wedding ceremony is shirin shirt, a pleasant rice that is, again, implied to deliver sweetness into the lives of the wedding celebration guests. In most Persian wedding ceremonies, dinner is served reasonably overdue- at concerning 9 or 9:30.

Greeting the Visitors

Guests are actually addressed along withthe greatest honor in Persian society, as well as wedding ceremonies are no exemption to this custom-made. During the course of the wedding, the groom and bride require time to one by one talk witheachvisitor as well as thank them for attending the wedding celebration. Additionally, the couple generally alloted some time to stand in a designated area so that visitors have an option to have their photos consumed along withall of them.

Persian wedding event blade dance

Raghsé Chaghoo (Knife Dance)

When it comes opportunity to reduce the birthday cake, attendees take switches ‘taking’ the knife that is actually prepared for reducing the covered. They take turns dancing withthe blade and also gathering ‘ransom money’ coming from the couple. The knife is actually passed coming from female to girl, eachdisplaying her dance skill-sets, while bothshop the blade withimproving amounts of loan.

When the right rate has actually been paid out (usually after a pair tunes and a number of various professional dancers), the knife is actually lastly entrusted to the groom and also he cuts the pie. Parts of cake are actually then handed over to all the attendees.

Dancing and also Merrimaking

Dancing is actually a big portion of any kind of Persian wedding, and it’ s common for all guests to take to the dance floor till wee hours of the morning to help celebrate the occasion. Alcohol is also served in a lot of modern Persian wedding ceremony unless bothis spiritual, as Islam carries out not allow the usage of alcohol.

The Lorry

Usually the family of the sri lankan brides and also bridegroom will take some time before (or even during) the wedding ceremony to covertly enhance the auto of the newly wed couple withaccessories and blooms. This is actually done this that the entire neighborhood will definitely realize the newlyweds as they drive withthe streets. In Iran, whenever the embellished auto of a newlywed drives by, everybody around it will certainly honk on behalf of the freshly gotten married to pair.

Gifts for Attendees

In Persian wedding celebrations, it’s constantly vital to leave attendees along witha little parting gift. Commonly, the bride and groom will certainly prep little bit of bags packed withnoghl, a Persian sugar covered nuts surprise. Noghl is actually a sweet whichis commonly made use of in commemorative contexts, and indicates the sharing of sweet taste as well as good fortune.


The crucial point to remember regarding a Persian wedding ceremony is that it is actually the supreme celebration of passion as well as pleasure- every thing else is just information to help you get there. And bear in mind, one of the most crucial words to bear in mind to say to a newly weds couple during a Persian wedding celebration is actually-

mobārak bāshé!

May it be unconstrained!

Thanks for analysis as well as whether you are actually tossing a Persian wedding ceremony or merely attending one, satisfy delight in!